Have you ever hosted a party? The host rarely gets to truly let go and enjoy themselves, because their focus is making sure their guests have what they need, the drinks are flowing and that everyone is having a good time. You and your guests want to enjoy your wedding, not work it!


Many couples don’t budget for a coordinator or think they are too expensive, but this is one service that can actually save you money. Here's how: 


Researching the Industry

There are many ways that a wedding planner/coordinator can save you money, but the bulk of the savings we are able to offer our clients is in our knowledge of the industry and relationships with vendors. Wedding planners are a great referral source for companies providing a service to the wedding industry, so we are kept up-to-date with specials that these companies are running, new products they are getting in, etc. By knowing who has quality products and services for the best prices, we are able to save our clients several hundred dollars in multiple delivery fees or overpriced items from a competing company. It’s our job to get the best products for the most reasonable price to pass along to our clients!

Reading and Understanding your contracts

n experienced wedding planner will review your contracts to ensure you will not be taken advantage of, that nothing slips through the cracks, and that you have everything needed. Your planner may also be able to get a discount or more "bang for your buck" through the relationships they have with vendors and using your budget efficiently. 

Time is Money
Wedding planners know vendors in their area and can pair you with the perfect vendor to reflect your vision and budget, therefore eliminating the time you spend researching, meeting and trying to figure it all out. Your time is very valuable, and this is an area they can save you tons! 


Keeping You on Budget

So many couples today are in love with Pinterest and DIY projects for their wedding. The frustration comes after you buy all the materials, spend countless weekends and late nights putting them together, just to be thrown out, because they did not come out as expected. As a wedding planner we are here to make sure you do not overspend on unnecessary things and hire the right vendors to save time and money. Often times florists have more in their stock than you think, often available to rent. We have the connections and love to pass that on to you, while getting business and exposure for our friends in the business!


Suggesting Alternatives (My personal favorite!)

An experienced wedding planner will tell you when you are heading down a road that is risky or unnecessary.

I love making suggestions that are more budget friendly, but still have the look you are going for. Certain themes and accents can be very costly to buy for one time use. Planners can make different suggestions on how to get that same look without breaking your budget and offer other creative options.

I get it. Many people don't see a coordinator as a "necessity" and more of a luxury. Couples always start out by telling me they're on the fence about hiring someone, because naturally you're not sure how much you really need someone until it's all actually happening. Trust me, the stories I could tell you about the overlooked items, the near mishaps, and the things that could really ruin someone's day... all things I was able to help avoid.  Don't take my word for it! Check out what some of my couples have said and you'll see that at the end of it, brides and grooms always agree it was the best decision they made! 

My approach is to handle as much as possible up front to ensure your day goes smoothly and to be an extension of you. I make it a point to be able to answer any vendor questions that may arise day of and they never have to bother you! Think of all the vendors and people you're working with before the big day... and think about the realistic possibility that each of those people come to you with just ONE question during your wedding. It takes you away from your friends and family, and adds stress that you don't need. I expect you to be able to spend your time celebrating with family and friends, while I handle all the details behind the scenes!

2020 pricing starts at $1250 and covers the majority of the day from ceremony to reception, but each event is different and additional tasks can always be added! Personalizing responsibilities/services does not typically impact pricing unless adding on items such as rehearsal coordination or excessive hours are needed for meetings, transporting of items, elaborate set up/take down, etc.


Meeting 4-6 weeks prior to date to create a detailed itinerary
Meeting 1-2 weeks prior to date to finalize all details
Meeting 1-5 days prior to date to receive personal decor/items, to be set up

Greet and coordinate vendors day of event
Assembly/staging of ceremony space/altar  
On site direction and coordination of ceremony
Reception set-up/clean up
Placement of personal items (guest book, card box, champagne flutes, cake knife)
Placement of escort cards, guest favors, table numbers
Placement of other décor (candles, pictures frames, signage, bathroom baskets, pre-assembled centerpieces)
Final walk through of ceremony and reception venues with layout confirmation, identify exits and emergency equipment, bathrooms, areas for guests to occupy before and afterwards.

Transportation of items from ceremony to reception
Monitoring of all areas (and work closely with venue staff) to ensure they are free of debris, spills, etc.
Guest assistance throughout event

Making sure you are fed and always have a drink in your hand! (making sure *that* aunt isnt stealing all your attention!)
Transportation of items from ceremony to reception
Constant communication throughout event with vendors (caterer, dj, photographer, etc) to ensure schedule is on time (or adjust accordingly if needed)
Gift table/guest book monitoring – move cards and gifts to secure location at appropriate time to avoid theft or damage
Distribution of final payments and/or tips to vendors
Pack up personal items, gifts, and décor and load into designated vehicle (Items may be delivered the following day, based on necessity and availability)
Final walk through of venue to ensure nothing is left behind

Donation of flowers/centerpieces to hospitals, senior apartments, and  nursing homes available by request, and based on availability