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Why Hire a Coordinator?

Many people think of a coordinator as a luxury, but the day-of coordinator can be a life saver.  With my experience, insight, and connections, the amount of time, stress, and money I've saved couples is unmeasurable. You may not be convinced that you need a coordinator yet, but my couples will tell you that they weren't either in the beginning... fast forward to that last hug of the night, they all say the same "Best money we ever spent!" and "We couldn't have done this without you!" 

What can you expect?

Did we just become best friends? YUP!

You can expect check in calls, texts, and emails from me to ensure things are on track logistically, but more so, to make sure you're staying sane. We'll talk vendors, recommendations, and I'll answer your question of "what do people normally do"? more times than you can count. I'll be your personal assistant - shlep all your stuff (and everyone else's), I'll fix your necklace, make sure you eat, steal you away from that aunt who won't stop talking, and make sure you are having THE BEST TIME EVER. 

We'll thoroughly discuss all of the details you have planned, to help me truly get an idea of how you envision your wedding day. I connect with all your vendors the week before, so they know who to come to for last minute questions or emergencies, that you never have to know about, and I'm there the entire day to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, and to take care of any things that don't! It's my job to make sure everyone else does their job. So you'll likely see me clearing plates with the catering staff, getting mom or grandma another glass of wine, grabbing your photographer to make sure they get THE shot that might otherwise go unseen. I'll take care of putting out personal items and decor before the wedding, and make sure it all gets back to you afterwards! Gifts, cards, leftover cake? Taken care of! The tiny details...the things that matter to you, matter to me. 

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