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Why hire a coordinator?

A coordinator is a luxury... but for one of the biggest days of your life, it's a necessity
With my experience, insight, and connections, the amount of time, stress, and money I save couples is unmeasurable.  You may not be convinced that you need a coordinator, but my couples will tell you they weren't either in the beginning.  
Fast forward to that last hug of the night - I never tire of hearing "Best money we ever spent!" and "We couldn't have done this without you!"

You take care of your happily ever after. Let me take care of the rest. 

Did we just become best friends? Yup!

You can expect calls, texts, and emails from me to ensure things are on track logistically,

but more so, to make sure you're staying sane.

  • We'll talk vendors, recommendations, and I'll answer your question of "what do people normally do?" more times than you can count.

  • I'm your personal assistant - I'll shlep all your stuff (and everyone else's), fix your necklace, make sure you eat, steal you away from that aunt who won't stop talking, and make sure you are having THE BEST TIME EVER!

  • It's my job to make sure everyone else does their job. You'll see me clearing plates with the catering staff, getting mom another glass of wine, grabbing your photographer to make sure they get THE shot that might otherwise go unseen. I'll take care of putting out personal items and decor before the wedding and make sure it all gets back to you afterwards! Gifts, cards, leftover cake? Taken care of! 

    The tiny details that matter to you, matter to me. 

Proud to be recognized and trusted by these fine folks 


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My venue has an event manager.
Do I still need my own coordinator?

It depends! It's crucial to have a conversation with your venue's event manager or coordinator to determine their scope of responsibilities, especially  the tasks outlined on my pricing/services page. While some may handle those tasks, many do not.  It's important to know this ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress and make sure all the details are covered. 

The presence of an event manager at your venue can be helpful, but it doesn't necessarily replace the need for your own wedding coordinator. 

Here's why:

  1. Different Roles: An event manager at the venue primarily focuses on the venue itself. They ensure that the venue's amenities and services run smoothly, such as managing the staff, overseeing the setup, and handling any venue-related issues. Their scope is typically limited to the venue's facilities and services.

  2. Personalization: I am your advocate. I work closely with you to understand your unique vision, preferences, and priorities for your wedding day. We ensure that every detail aligns with your wishes, from the ceremony setup to the reception decor. Many of these conversations happen well before the wedding day and a coordinator assists in your planning days, weeks, sometimes months, before your actual day. 

  3. Vendor Coordination: Wedding coordinators liaise with all your vendors, not just those affiliated with the venue. I ensure everyone is on the same page, following the timeline, and delivering their services as expected. This coordination extends beyond what the venue event manager typically handles.

  4. Timeline and Flow: I work with your vendors to create a comprehensive timeline for your wedding day, including the ceremony, reception, and all other activities. I keep things on schedule and ensure a smooth flow, or make any adjustments as needed, which is crucial for a seamless and stress-free day.

  5. Problem Solving: Wedding coordinators are experienced in troubleshooting many issues that may arise. I have solutions and backup plans ready, ensuring that any hiccups are addressed without you or your guests ever knowing or even noticing. 

  6. Personal Attention: I am dedicated to you and your wedding day. I am not there for the dinner, dancing, or drinks. I'm there to support you and your needs, making sure you feel relaxed and can fully enjoy your special day. 

  7. Reduced Stress: Having a dedicated coordinator means not only you, but your family, can also relax and focus on the joy of your wedding day, knowing that all the details are being handled. Many parents appreciate a coordinator taking care of all the aspects they typically would, allowing them to whole-heartedly enjoy the celebration also!

While a venue's event manager is valuable for overseeing venue-specific aspects, hiring your own wedding coordinator ensures that every aspect of your wedding day, from start to finish, is perfectly tailored to your vision and well-executed. It's an investment in peace of mind and a stress-free wedding.

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