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Bride and Groom - Vegas wedding at the Neon Museum

Hi! I'm Casey! That's me with my tall drink of water (and recent husband), Chris. 


I have over 15 years in event planning and we recently tied the knot in Vegas in 2022! What's the biggest regret I have for my own day? Not hiring a day of coordinator! "I do this for a living. Why would I need someone?!" Foolish! My own experience really made me realize more than ever how important the coordinator role is.


I've learned a lot over the years and I continue to learn from every wedding I do.

I love using each event to make the next one even more creative and flawless. I've made friends with some of the best in the industry and when we're together, we take even more pride in what we do to make your day amazing!

I'm one of the savviest shoppers you'll meet. I've done the research and cost comparisons of everything so you don't have to! If I can find you a deal along the way, I will! 

Lastly, I'm super sarcastic and will help to keep the mood light and fun, transforming stressful moments into shared laughter and forever memories.


If you've made it this far and are ready to talk, I truly mean it when I say, "Congratulations! I can't wait to meet you!"


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